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Starship Farragut is a fan-show anime series that is based on the original Star Trek series and its crew.  It comprises of the different adventures of the Federation Starship Farragut as they travel in the unknown world of space.  This adventure is supposed to take place during the time of the famous Captain James T Kirk on the Enterprise (NCC-1701). This show is created by Farragut Animated who is a group of ardent Star Trek fans. They decided to put their creative energy to good use and find a way to connect with other Star Trek fans. The outcome has become a resounding success with people from the entire world finding a new way to reconnect with the original series. Interestingly, it has even encouraged the newer generation to watch Star Trek, creating new fans of this wonderful show.

This fan based show is the first full series created that has full episodes with plenty of live-action, comic book format as well as cartoon animation.  Ardent followers of the Star Trek series find the Starship Farragut as a fascinating way to reconnect with the original series.

The series is based on the adventures of the following three main characters:

  •        Captain John Thomas Carter, who is the Commanding Officer.
  •        Commander Robert James Tacket who is the Chief Science Officer.
  •        Commander Michelle Renata Smithfield who is the Chief Engineer on board.

There are several more characters to provide flesh to the show. Lieutenant Roy Morris, Commander George Foster, Lt. Commander Tia Logan. Lt. Commander Gary Weston, Doctor Brooke Derham, Senior Chief Specialist Yvette Dupree, Lt. Jeanne Jefferies, Lt. Samuel Stahler and many more. All these characters experience different adventures in the universe beyond and take the audience along with them for this fantastic ride.

Farragut Animated has taken upon itself to assemble the best entertainment industry professionals to create this original stories based on the world created in Star Trek. With a dedicated staff on board along with the few of the Star Trek original team, the entire team had a blast creating this fabulous venture.  If you are a hardcore Star Trek fan and still get nostalgic over the adventures of Captain James Kirk and his crew, this is wonderful to reconnect with those memories. You will soon be a fan of the new series.

It is interesting to note how far Star Trek fans have managed to come, considering the fact that the series was originally introduced to the public decades ago. Hardcore fans still seem to hold torches for the original characters of the show and this admiration can be seen in the fan following for the new series by Farragut Animated.

Since the new show is also set it the same era as the original Star Trek series, it has made it easier for the older audience to connect with the fan based show Starship Farragut.  In fact, Starship Farragut has resulted in creating new fans of the original series as well. The recent Comic Con events around the world have noticed a certain increase in the people who dressed up as cosplayers from the marvelous world of Star Trek. The number of fans who visited the Comic Con in the hope of meeting their favorite stars from the show was also very impressive. So if you are a fan of the original series and feel nostalgic about the good old days, this is a great way to transport yourself back into the world of Star Trek. Watch a few episodes, and you will soon be hooked.  

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